Welcome to BIGSecurity Inc.


BIGSecurity Inc. is a security-consulting firm that provides advisory and support primarily to small firms that do not have their own security departments. In addition BIGSecurity works with corporations in the private and public sectors that wish to experience  the Israeli security concept. Our unique philosophy of counter terrorism and preventative management is based exclusively on the knowledge and the experience of the Founder and the Owner, Issy Boim. BIGSecurity's expertise in counter intelligence and consulting covers the client from advising and design to follow-up and professional assistance. Our main goal is to share our knowledge and experience as we support our client's through their daily security challenges.

  • Risk Assessment and Threat Analysis
  • Contingency planning
  • Security management & support
  • Aviation security consultation especially for general and corporate aviation
  • Corporate strategic planning from a security standpoint
  • Integrated Security
  • International travelers’ assistance
  • Security advisory and security escort for executives and business travelers.
  • Global commuting and secure transportation
  • Executive protection at international locations
  • Global security coverage

Risk Assessment and Threat Analysis

Aviation Security for Commercial and General Aviation

Security Management

Integrated Security Planning and Implementation

GLOBAL Security Advisory for Travelers and Operators

Global Security Coverage Secure Transportation and Executive Protection

From the Desk of Issy Boim

As the founder of BIGSecurity Inc., I draw on over 35 years of experience and continued excellence in preventative security philosophy with the most sophisticated solutions to security threats.  With my advantage in security consulting, I offer guidelines for security management for small and unique companies.  In addition, as the pioneer of the aviation security concept I advise general and commercial aviation operators on their security management.  My distinctive analytical capabilities to assess the relevance of service to the client’s security demands and my large network of reputable local service providers allow me to tailor BIGSecurity’s product to each customer’s specific, growing, and shifting needs.

The Middle East is currently a highly sought-after destination.  Visitors like to explore Israel both while traveling to the region on business and during specialized trips to experience the Holy Land.  There are persistent security concerns that potential visitors may face in the area.  With my unique experience in the Middle East and with BIGSecurity's reputable network of agents in Israel, I am proud to provide a complete range of special security care services that incorporate all the necessary requirements to fully cover the private and business traveler to Israel and the Middle East.