. Risk Assessment and Threat Analysis
. Aviation Security for Commercial and General Aviation
. Security Management
. Integrated Security -Planning-Implementation
. GLOBAL Security Advisory for Travelers and Operators
. Global Security Coverage- Secure transportation & Executive protection.

Risk Assessment and Threat Analysis

We share our expertise and equip the client’s personnel with the ability to react to unplanned events that require immediate and decisive action involving multiple components in response to anything occurring outside the norm of routine business and personal activities.

We identify the potential threat to a person or organization and recognize possible vulnerabilities related to a firm’s staff and/or assets, both general and specific.  We detect weaknesses in the existing countermeasures and determine the vulnerability level.

We provide assessments and recommendations for accepting or countering risks planning.

Analytical Risk Management based on our formula:
Threat x Vulnerability = Risk

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Aviation Security for Commercial and General Aviation

For over two decades Issy Boim has invested substantial resources in development and implementation of products and systems while refining his security philosophy, all of which are designed to increase security and enhance services to the passengers and industry professional, with special focus on general aviation operators and passengers.

The rise in the extent and audacity of terrorist activities domestically and worldwide have led government officials to place higher demands the aviation industry to indorse more security measures.

We provide highly experienced consultants with international reputations who are dedicated to designing and enhancing security solutions for airlines, general aviation and airports.

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Security Management

BIGSecurity provides consulting services that cover organizations’ needs for customized security management.  We organize the security coverage and maintain the entire policy of security management for the client.  The program can be expanded to meet the growing needs of an organization to include assigning a security manger and to support his needs.  This allows the organization to manage and keep current with the security concepts without increasing the company’s overhead

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Integrated Security Planning and Implementation

We developed Integrated Security through our unique counter-terrorism and preventative security philosophies.  The concept utilizes dedicated security engineering as a comprehensive part of security and intelligence solutions.  Our concept is specially customized for targeting corporations and organizations in the private, public and governmental sectors.  Solutions to existing threats should be resolved by inventive applications that are based on optimal integration of the finest innovative technologies available in today's worldwide security and intelligence markets.  With the Integrated Security concept, we take pride in an uncompromising commitment to ensuring complete peace of mind.  Committed to maintaining expert professionalism, our motto is to tailor total security solutions to answer the customer's specific needs.

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GLOBAL Security Advisory for Travelers and Operators

For the business traveler or the corporate operator, security does not end at the aircraft door.  From the moment the traveler leaves the aircraft to conduct business on foreign ground he or she enters a situation in which personal threats are a possibility.  In fact, reliable security starts even before the traveler leaves the office.  There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to personal safety.  Hazards take various forms from terror-threats to natural disasters.  Let us help decrease the traveler's vulnerability by contending with complacency.  We advise business travelers on how to protect themselves against existing hazards due to terror threats, crime, political instability, and natural disasters.  We provide accurate risk analysis to the traveler and coordinate critical security measures.  We offer security coverage based on actual needs, company policy and special requests or requirements.

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Global Security Coverage Secure Transportation and Executive Protection

BIGSecurity’s verified and reliable network has been expanded to support clients around the globe incorporated with The Confidential Group (  We offer executives, travelers and crewmembers certified drivers large selection of vehicles.  Our ground transportation services include drivers and concierge services and if required BIGSecurity can arrange for secure transportation with security drivers who are trained in preventive security concepts and advanced driving techniques.  Our drivers comply with strict security measures and avoid choked and unsafe environments while driving the passengers to their destinations.  In addition whenever necessary or requested BIGSecurity provides full coverage of executive protection.  

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